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After watching this video, where a guy is arrested for simply asking a question in a school board meeting, I became very angry with how things are going in our school systems. This particular event happened just a few days ago, in my back yard. For no crimes, this man was arrested and charged with fines up to $5000 and possible jail time.

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My first thought was “Hey, How can they arrest this guy for just asking a question in a public setting like this?”. Then I became angry with the crowd for allowing this to happen without a fight. But then… I went introspective and wondered what I would have done had I been sitting there, seeing this all go down live in person.

We are nearing the point where people need to start taking a hard stand against the onslaught of oppression. We are actually PAST that point, but in our society we have to be personally effected before we’ll get involved.

The attitude of the board in this video clip is that “Parent’s need to be INFORMED about what’s happening in the schools.” But I don’t think that’s true.

Parents don’t need to be “informed” they need to be “in charge”.  “Informed” means you’re being told what’s happening [or not], often after the fact. “In Charge” means parents tell the schools what will be happening.  Don’t just be “informed parents” be “in charge” of your child’s education.  Start today.

There’s a transformation happening right now. The strata of public servants who used to be here to “Protect and Serve” are slowly mutating into a force that serves an interest other than the public’s. Tyranny is coming. And perhaps it’s already here.

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