Nov 23

Day 23 – (Refeeding day 2)

Day two of refeeding is underway.

I woke up today EXTREMELY hungry. I wanted to just sleep in (being Saturday) but my hunger pulled me out of the bed. The kids were up so I was able to have breakfast with them for the first time since October. A good experience overall.

I had more watermelon and orange juice. Lunch I had some chicken noodle soup broth with some tiny egg noodles. Dinner, butter-nut squash soup and an avocado.

I worked on my car today. Changed out the alternator and serpentine belt. The battery light was on, and the battery was a high quality one I bought just 2 months ago. So, some computer diagnostics at the parts store and I was on my way to change the alternator myself. And I held up just fine, although I did take a couple of breaks throughout. That WOULD NOT have been the case two days ago – or even yesterday. I would have had trouble just carrying the motor out of the store. I am MUCH stronger now. Probably 40% back to normal.

I still get very light headed when I stand up quickly. I have to hold onto something after I climb a flight of stares and pause for a few seconds. But I assume this is mostly from losing so much weight in so little time, not being weak from fasting.

I hit the 40lbs loss mark today. Wow, unbelievable.

It’s strange that this journey is still going, even after the fast.

249 (-2)

Nov 22

Day 22 – (Refeeding day 1)

My fast is officially over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was amazing to finally be able to put something in my mouth and swallow it. I squeezed an orange, left a little of the pulp in it, and diluted it about halfway with water.  WOW – I almost cried it was so wonderful.

Every three hours or so I squeezed more and drank it. Sometimes I added in an organic orange/mango juice (no pulp) to increase the quantity. I had to stop that because my body felt like it was taking in too much sugar. So I switched back to just the squeezed juice.

I did have a couple of thin slices of watermelon, at lunch and again at dinner.

I’m wanting to take on as much as I can without overdoing it. My energy needs to come back in a hurry.  And it is. But I’m still very weak and have to really be careful about energy exertion. But my energy level is already noticeably better.

I’m so glad to be done with this fast. But now I wish the refeeding process was easier. It’s harder than I thought.

On a Spiritual Note….
The last two nights I’ve been unable to fall asleep. I’m awake until maybe 1:00 or so, after getting in bed at about 10:ish. That happened periodically thought the fast, so that’s not too strange.

But this time as I’m laying there, names for God keep rolling through my head. It won’t stop. Provider, Protector, Jehovah, Morning Star, Savior, Creator, Defender…. etc. Over and over. It prevents me from sleeping. This has now happened two nights in a row. Same thing.

It’s a spiritual experience. Not the “prophetic dreams” I was hoping for, but it was a powerful experience, and I’m taking it as a sign that God IS working in me through this fast, even though I don’t really sense anything different.

A good day. Forward progress.

251 (-2)

Nov 21

Day 21 – The End

I’m nearly there… less than 24 hours till I can eat something (well, drink something anyway).

Today I’m having waves of nausea. Started yesterday… it’s much worse today. I’m trying to drink a lot of water to combat it though. I’m a little concerned because I’ve read you’re not supposed end a fast in ‘crisis’ mode. If nausea is the only symptom though, I’m not going to take that advice.

I feel cold – all the time. I’m wearing my winter jacket as I type this. This has been happening off and on over the course of the last three weeks though, so I’m not really surprised.

The good news. I rinsed with COLD water after brushing last night… NO TOOTH SENSITIVITY.  This has not been the case for me in years. I’ll be interested to see if this lasts when I start eating again.

I’m ready to end this. This has been a difficult, testing, experience. But I believe the results will outweigh the hardships.

253 (-1)

Nov 20

Day 20 – Almost There

I’m feeling good for the most part.

Today I noticed that my skin is getting very dry though. My arms are pealing with tiny flakes of skin. I think this has been happening to my legs for several days already. It’s a little unnerving, but I’ve heard this too is common for fasting. I’m drinking plenty of water, so I think I’m still on track.

Today my nausea returned. I’m not happy about that, but at least it’s not constant. It comes in waves.

The end is so close…. Please come soon!

254 (-1)