Mar 20

Learn to Play Worship Guitar

One thing that I love is learning to play instruments. I love playing worship music. And I love seeing other people get excited about learning to play music also.

Learn to play Worship GuitarI came across this great video training course that could help you if you are at all interested in learning to play guitar, specifically worship music on the guitar.  It’s called “Play Worship Guitar” (imagine that), and it looks like a pretty cool method for learning to play.

Play Worship Guitar gives you absolute everything you will ever need to start learning guitar and to play popular worship songs by your favorite Christian artists…exactly how I play them at my own church where I lead worship!


  • No musical knowledge is required at all…
  • You do not need to know how to read music…
  • No prior guitar experience required at all…
  • 27/7 access to the training materials
  • Downloadable Chord Charts
  • Songwriting Bootcamp
  • Unlimited access to the support team
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Try it RISK-FREE today!
Play Worship Guitar


Aug 10

Twitter Suspended Me For No Reason (Almost)

Is twitter really for FREE speech?

Okay, this is actually the second time I’ve been suspended from Twitter. The first time was for “following” too many people in too short a time span. They are apparently so sensitive. After originally opening my account I went through and selected 100 people to follow. 100 people, that’s not too many is it? Apparently it is.

Anyway, two days ago I was suspended again. This time I don’t know why. Twitter gave me no explanation as to why they shut down my Twitter account. They did send me their generic email telling me I somehow violated one of their rules, but didn’t elaborate on which one had been broken. Upon reviewing their rules, I realized I had violated none of them.

I have emailed support many times. No reply. I have called Twitter. Of course they offer no phone support. There is no recourse for this situation, that I can see.

Because I received no explanation and Twitter refuses to respond to my email requests, I feel I am free and justified in making an educated guess as to the reason for my mysterious suspension.


That’s right, my posts recently (prior to suspension) have been regarding the Chick-Fil-A wars of 2012, where the homosexual community tried (and failed) to intimidate the restaurant chain into publicly endorsing the homosexual lifestyle. The day of my suspension I had also retweeted a couple of Pro-life tweets, that’s all.

My conclusion is that one of the following has happened.

  • Twitter has decided to censor me for my political stance. Voicing a differing opinion from their organization is obviously not tolerated. They are clearly a communist organization that does not believe in free speech. They practice the exact opposite of what they claim to promote.


  • Idiot leftist who can’t argue their way out of a wet paper bag came through in mass and flagged my thought-provoking, insightful, truthful, and factual statements as spam or “hate speech”.  Instead of engaging me on the basis of logic and debate, they took their normal yellow-bellied way out and secretly voted me off the island (knowing they couldn’t compete with intelligent reasoning).

Either way, I have a growing distaste for Twitter and I’m learning the hard way, again, that reliance on technology, especially government managed web technology like Twitter, can easily exercise sweeping censorship with a simple click of a mouse. I’m secretly imagining some pimply dork with his shirt buttons mismatched, smiling as he one by one deletes accounts that portray opposing view points from his, with absolutely no recourse for the end user. No explanation needed, and none given.

Twitter, although a great tool in concept, is fast moving into my “Google is Evil” category. Friendly now, Big Brother later. Not to mention that all the conversation from the very beginning is being recorded and stored.

As long as you’re touting the government party line, everything is A-OK.
If not… You get suspended. And I’m not the only one, there are many.


Jun 27

Facebook has caught the “god complex” syndrome

I can’t stand Facebook.  I have what seems like a million reasons to be angry. But just like with everyone else, it’s unavoidable. I almost have to use their service to communicate.

So, yesterday I try to set up a basic “fan” page for another project I’m working on, and I’m completely blocked from finishing the setup. I cannot get past this step. I’ve “Googled” till my fingers hurt. I’m stuck, not because I’m doing anything illegal or against the rules. I’m blocked because I simply can’t give them a valid cell phone number. My real number is in use on my person profile, and you can’t use a phone number twice. But I don’t want to link my personal profile to my new fan page anyway. I want it to be a separate entity.  I’m really in a jam.

Why do they need a cell phone number to set up a basic page anyway? The answer, they don’t. But they think “we’re so big, we can demand anything we want”. And they’re right – at the moment.

My question is… what about people who don’t have cell phones?  Or what about people who don’t trust Facebook with their phone numbers? What about people in rural or isolated areas that have internet but no cell reception? Is Facebook clueless? No – they just don’t care.

I get the feeling that the real reason behind the phone verification is to keep people from producing multiple and/or anonymous accounts. Their data collection effort isn’t as valuable if they can’t track the pages/information back to a real individual person. They can’t spy on every detail of everybody’s life if people are making pseudo-profiles. They call it “spam”, I call it privacy.

Anyway, I’m giving up on Facebook and going to Google+. However, I will most likely give up on that too in the end. Unfortunately Google caught the “god complex” a long time ago (on day two of their company). But at least their phone verification process can be bypassed (at the moment) See this video:

I wish somebody would tell me how to bypass phone verification on Facebook. But unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible right now.

If you know how… please, save the day. Comment below.


Please complete a security check

Security checks help keep Facebook trustworthy and free of spam.

Use a phone to verify your account

The phone number you use can only verify one account. Once you enter your number, you’ll receive a code that you’ll be able to enter on Facebook to verify your account. Your phone number will only be used to verify your account and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

Jun 18

Tweetlight :: Add-ons for Firefox

I trying out new plugins for firefox.  I came across Tweetlight and thought is was worth mentioning.

It’s very easy to use… just highlight some tect, press CTRL+SHIFT+E and then press “TWEET”.  That’s it.  So easy.  I like it so far.

The only thing that I think would make it better is to have a dedicated button somewhere in firefox that I could just press.  (But maybe I’m just being lazy)


Tweetlight :: Add-ons for Firefox

Tweetlight add-on provides you with a faster way of tweeting web links! Rather than you yourself copying and pasting web links to Twitter, this addon gives you