Oct 23

What is Islam, and is it a Threat to America?

Religion of Peace

In saying that Islam means peace Islamic apologists are simply indulging in word play in order to put as positive a spin on things as they can. It is an attempt to argue that Islam promotes non-violence. As we will see such a peace is only available to one who has first surrendered to Allah and it is denied to those who refuse to surrender. Mohammed would sign his treaty offers with the words, aslem taslam, ‘surrender and you will be safe’.
Ray Harris – No Compulsion

I recently had an opportunity to hear a husband and wife speak on the topic of Islam. As Christians, they were forced from their home in Iran due to increased violence and persecution by Muslims. Thankfully they escaped alive after being smuggled out of the country in what turned out to be a long 15 day journey hidden in the back of a pickup truck.

Here is the audio of their perspective on Islam; a general history and some Christian strategy.

Perspective on Islam

Download Audio Here

A Few Key Topics Discussed

  • General history on the origin of Islam
  • The tactics used for Muslim expansion
  • The characteristics of the Islamic faith
  • Difference between “Moderate” and “Fundamental” Muslim
  • What Islam ultimately means for America (and Europe)
Oct 21

Sex and the Evolutionary Bias

Darwin QuoteWhile researching the origin of sexuality, I came across this great site ( www.trueorigin.org ) that deals with the undeniable bias that Naturalists give when interpreting scientific evidence.

Contrary to the unilateral denials of many evolutionists, one’s worldview does indeed play heavily on one’s interpretation of scientific data, a phenomenon that is magnified in matters concerning origins, where neither repeatability, nor observation, nor measurement—the three immutable elements of the scientific method—may be employed.

I appreciate finding sites like this. It serves as a reminder that nobody is truly objective. And even though the grill of the social-scientific bulldozer is intimidating at times, there is still true reasoning out there for those who are looking. Search for truth, not PC snake-oil.

Regarding Sexuality:

The evolution of sex (and its accompanying reproductive capability) is not a favorite topic of discussion in most evolutionary circles, because no matter how many theories evolutionists conjure up (and there are several), they still must surmount the enormous hurdle of explaining the origin of the first fully functional female and the first fully functional male necessary to begin the process.


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