Sep 27

‘Preachers of L.A.’ – This Can’t be a Good Thing.

Preachers of L.A. – Coming next month on the Oxygen Network.

Preachers Of LAWhy is it that I just can’t imagine this being a good thing?

Some of the other preachers on the show preach that wealth can be a sign of God’s favor.

What I want to see is a show highlighting pastors who have been thrown in prison for preaching the Gospel.  Show us the Christians who lose family, finances, houses, social standing, everything for following the Bible. Those are the types of stories that inspire us and bring hope (believe it or not). Or maybe show us the thousands of Christians fleeing for their lives from Muslim oppression right now in Syria.

Showing money-hungry pastors, living large on the tithes of their sometimes relatively poor parishioners is not the kind of show I want to see. It is just another attempt to beat Christianity into the ground and show the hypocrisy.  Why did these pastors agree to do this?

“Of course women throw themselves at you in this business,” he explained. “When you get to my age, you think why can’t I have some fun? I like going fast in my cars. It’s about being successful.”

via Lifestyles of the Rich — and Spiritual – on ‘Preachers of L.A.’ – Yahoo News.

Sep 15

Richard Dawkins Defends ‘mild pedophilia’

I have a suspicion that Richard Dawkins suffers from more problems than he thinks he does. For one he is afflicted with an extremely heightened ego. Take this for example.

I don’t know what his point was, but it sure succeeded in revealing some character flaws. I’m sure he feels smug and justified in making these kinds of comments. He does it enough.

Anyway, I read this quote today and it stopped me in my tracks. The point of the whole statement was the last line where he excuses sexual assaulting a child as being minor and relatively harmless. Although a bold and despicable statement, I can’t say I’m altogether surprised by it. (Hopefully his statement isn’t some precursor to the announcement of an upcoming scandal. But let’s not go there.)

“I am very conscious that you can’t condemn people of an earlier era by the standards of ours. Just as we don’t look back at the 18th and 19th centuries and condemn people for racism in the same way as we would condemn a modern person for racism, I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things like caning, like mild paedophilia, and can’t find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today.”  (Taken from here…)

No, what really caught my attention was the first sentence and first half of the second, where he talks about not condemning people of a different era by today’s standards. Wow, I have never heard this approach spoken by an atheist. When talking with atheists, my experience has been pretty much the exact opposite.

I believe the standard espoused in this statement is rarely put into practice when atheists engage in public discourse. For example: I’m constantly getting blamed for slavery in early America, the crusades, and suppressing women’s right to vote, etc. If what he’s saying is held true, atheists everywhere need to stop projecting the wrongs (or perceived wrongs) of the past onto current era people. It’s that simple. The morals and values of the past (right or wrong) are virtually non-existent in today’s society.

Rest assured, I am pulling this quote out, saving it, and I plan on re-quoting it to every atheist I talk to who tries to judge me based on the actions of people in the past.

Thank you Richard Dawkins for conceding this little bit of philosophical ammunition to me.

Source: Richard Dawkins defends ‘mild pedophilia’: Teacher putting hands down my shorts didn’t do ‘lasting harm’ | The Raw Story.

Jul 06

My Top Ten “Songs Obama Sings in the Shower”

Taken from the twitter feed #SongsObamaSingsInTheShower

Songs Obama Sings in the Shower

  1. Another job bites the dust!
  2. I’m Dreaming Of A White Ramadan
  3. Tax It To the Limit One More Time
  4. Just a spoonful of sugar helps ObamaCare go down
  5. I like big DEBTS and I cannot lie…
  6. How Much Is That Doggie On the Menu…err, Window
  7. I Will, I Will, Tax You!
  8. I’m Too Taxy for Myself
  9. Straight Up, ( now tell me you’re really gonna TAX me forever? )
  10. It’s lie day, lie day… gotta get down on lie day!
  11. maybe I was “Born in the USA”…. maybe
  12. You’re Nobody, Until Somebody Loves Me.
  13. Your Money’s Always on my Mind

Ok… so it’s more than ten.  Sorry.

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Jul 05

My Top Ten “How Liberals Celebrate Independance”

Taken from the twitter feed #HowLiberalsCelebrateIndependence

  1. A liberal celebrating independence is like an atheist celebrating Christmas
  2. Apologizing to England for the Revolutionary War
  3. Create a Dependence on government
  4. Taxing firework sellers
  5. Protesting corporate greed while tweeting from an iPhone
  6. Watching The Patriot and rooting for the British
  7. By calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them racist
  8. Run Guns into Mexico, Mexicans into USA, USA into Ground, Sell Scraps to China.
  9. By banning children from singing patriotic songs, in case they offend someone
  10. They can’t celebrate what they don’t understand

Have more?   Let me know.