Nov 12

Gov is Pro “Net Neutrality”. Doesn’t That Alone Make You Suspicious?

Net Neutrality

If the government is actively promoting Net Neutrality legislation, doesn’t that fact alone make you highly suspicious?

“The image of government being full of people on a mission to protect the little guy from predatory corporate behemoths is an illusion fostered by politicians and corporate interests alike.”

I just read this great post on Net Neutrality.  I suggests everybody read it in the face of every growing freedom constraints by our leaders.

If the telecoms are forced to compete in a truly free market, Comcast and Time Warner won’t exist 10 years from now.


Mar 25

Bitcoin and Litecoin Survival Guide

How to stay safe in the digital ‘Wild West’ of crypto-currencies… even if you are a beginner!

If you are like me and have an interest in alternative topics like this, you might want to think about reading up on Bitcoins.

Bitcoin/Litecoin currency is so young that nobody knows what is going to happen with it yet.  It could fizzle out into nothing. But it could also make thousands of people (including you) very rich. Nobody knows.

One is for sure though. People should know something about it before diving in head-long.

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In this no-fluff, no-filler survival guide, you’ll learn:

  • 6 vital issues you must consider before investing in a crypto-currency. (After you read these, you’ll know immediately whether it’s right for you)
  • 4 key questions to ask yourself before choosing a particular crypto-currency. (The answers will help stop you falling for a ‘scam coin’)
  • How to stay safe and get started with Bitcoin & Litecoin… even if you’re a complete beginner!
  • The 3 simple steps of spending Bitcoin (follow these, and you can make your first purchase today!)
  • The most common ways people get robbed (and how to stop hackers dead in their tracks)
  • Why backing up your Bitcoin and Litecoin holdings the way most people do it is a surefire way to lose money in a catastrophe… and the simple step that will save your investment!
  • The shocking way a popular method of storing Bitcoin and Litecoin sets you up for getting robbed… often before you even own any!
  • How hackers set up “ambushes” on certain Bitcoin addresses… but don’t worry, as long as you follow this (easy) recommendation, they’ll never get you!
  • The classic mistake people make if they get robbed… this causes them to get robbed twice! (and it’s so easy to avoid — the book shows you how)
  • Two steps you need to take before deleting a wallet or you risk losing money forever… EVEN if the wallet looks empty!
  • And much much more!

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Feb 08

Police to Use Google Glass… Against Us?

Google Glass

Enabling video surveillance by police in the form of Google Glass.  Is this really a good idea?

Does it increase public safety, or to further advance the police state?

Source: Google Glass Tested By Police

Sep 25

New Alien Life Claim Far from Convincing, Scientists Say

Alien Life

New Alien Life Claim Far from Convincing, Scientists Say


A new study that claims to present evidence of alien life is being met with a healthy dose of skepticism in the scientific community. (Yahoo News)

This weekend I had dinner with a guy who works for NASA studying planetary evolution, with a focus on atmospheric makeup. His current efforts were focused toward Saturn’s moon Titan.

He explained to me that of all the planets and moons we know of, Titan is the most like Earth. The chemical makeup of the atmosphere and surface is close(r) to what we find here on our own planet. He want’s to know if Titan could support life.

Obviously, I followed up with a series of questions.

  • Q: Could humans survive on Titan?
    • A: No, it is -179.2 °C. – Literally everything is frozen. (Among other factors)
  • Q: Have we sent any rovers to retrieve data from the surface.
    • A: Yes, the Huygens probe landed on Titan in 2005. (and there were others before that one)
  • Q: And… did they find any LIFE there?
    • A: Of course not. If they had, you would know. It would be splashed all over every paper and internet screen in the world.

He also made a comment that startled me. He said “I’ve been doing this job for 20+ years. In that time I’ve talked to the same 100 people over and over again about the discoveries we’ve made. What’s the point? The things we’re finding and discussing are not likely to have an impact on anyone in the real world.” The guy studies “planetary evolution” for NASA – and his findings aren’t going to change anybody’s lives. Wow, what an awesome realization. After that kind of a discovery, he now has the chance to refocus his life goals on things that WILL have an impact on people. Hopefully he will do that.

But his responses also serve to further enforce my previous viewpoint. It is unlikely we will ever find life outside our own planetary ecosystem. Mainly because this planet was specifically created with all the uniquely fine-tuned factors needed to support life. The same cannot be said for any other known celestial object.

If we had evolved here at random, a case could possibly be made for evolution occurring elsewhere also. However, since abiogenesis/evolution is highly unrealistic, even in the ideal atmospheric conditions of earth, it is even less likely to be true in more hostile environments.

Source: New Alien Life Claim Far from Convincing, Scientists Say – Yahoo News.