Oct 31

Twick or Tweet! Best Halloween tweets of the day


Oct 01

#shutdown #obamacare : Top 10 Best Graphics

Neither Obamacare nor the Government shutdown are a laughing matter. This is a pivotal time in our nations history and we are nearing civil unrest at an alarming pace.

whowillThat being said, on this day, 1st. of October 2013, the government “shut down”, whatever that means, (for a yet unknown duration) because of an impasse of congress. Democrats want the train-wreck nationalized healthcare system instituted immediately. Republicans in congress secretly want that too, but are desperately afraid of the American public, who strongly and overwhelmingly want this Orwellian mandate to die a quick death. This is really a struggle between the power structure and the people. It’s a national crisis.

However, for the time being nobody has been hurt or killed over this yet (to my knowledge). So, I’m taking a lighter stance on the events by compiling a list of the top 10+ images I found on Twitter today. I thought they were funny and/or amusing. I hope you enjoy them too.


turning it offlemonaide2declaration

totally safe solidarity parks&rec non-essential   hard pill exemptions deliver the mail dc in ruins conan asteroids zombiefreepelosi

Jul 25

My Top Ten “Nearly There Films”

Taken from the twitter hashtag: #NearlyThereFilms

Here’s a quick list of my top ten movies that just didn’t make the cut.

  1. Partial Recall
  2. O Brother There You Are
  3. Friends on benefits
  4. The Devil Tries on Prada
  5. Snakes Waiting in Airport Security
  6. Schindler’s Bucket List (also: Schindler’s Lisp, and Schindler’s To-Do List.)
  7. Gone with the Breeze
  8. Daydream on Elm Street
  9. The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill & Came down an Even Bigger Hill.
  10. (EX)Terminator
  11. Edward Tweezerhands

If you have any other’s that are good…  Please share.

Jul 18

A Guys Top 15 Things Girls Hate

Fifteen things girls hate – from a guy’s perspective.

Okay, I’m a guy. I don’t have a clue how girls think or feel.  However, it’s fun to make a list like this, and pretend that I do. So here it is.

  1. Other girls. You know it’s true
  2. A bad hair day
  3. Not Being Someones First Priority
  4. Being told “no”
  5. When you touch her food
  6. Losing an argument
  7. Everything… and nothing (at the same time)
  8. Being compared to other girls.
  9. Any movie that is actually good
  10. Smudging your nails after you’ve just finished painting them
  11. Skinny girls that can eat and still don’t get fat.
  12. When you treat them differently around your friends
  13. A Disrespectful Man; I bet you don’t talk to your mama like that
  14. Wearing the same outfit as someone else
  15. A guy commenting on their cooking


Please note:  This is a tongue in cheek, fun list.  Any resemblance to any person, real or imagined, is strictly coincidental. Seriously honey! :)

Taken from the twitter hashtag #15ThingsGirlsHate