Feb 10

Joe Biden Sees No Reason Not To Run in 2016

Personally, I think it would be great if Joe Biden ran for president. The country needs a little humor these days. Except for the fact that there’s a chance he could win. What a catastrophe that would be. But… It’s happened before.

From: Politico Story

Feb 08

Police to Use Google Glass… Against Us?

Google Glass

Enabling video surveillance by police in the form of Google Glass.  Is this really a good idea?

Does it increase public safety, or to further advance the police state?

Source: Google Glass Tested By Police

Nov 23

Day 23 – (Refeeding day 2)

Day two of refeeding is underway.

I woke up today EXTREMELY hungry. I wanted to just sleep in (being Saturday) but my hunger pulled me out of the bed. The kids were up so I was able to have breakfast with them for the first time since October. A good experience overall.

I had more watermelon and orange juice. Lunch I had some chicken noodle soup broth with some tiny egg noodles. Dinner, butter-nut squash soup and an avocado.

I worked on my car today. Changed out the alternator and serpentine belt. The battery light was on, and the battery was a high quality one I bought just 2 months ago. So, some computer diagnostics at the parts store and I was on my way to change the alternator myself. And I held up just fine, although I did take a couple of breaks throughout. That WOULD NOT have been the case two days ago – or even yesterday. I would have had trouble just carrying the motor out of the store. I am MUCH stronger now. Probably 40% back to normal.

I still get very light headed when I stand up quickly. I have to hold onto something after I climb a flight of stares and pause for a few seconds. But I assume this is mostly from losing so much weight in so little time, not being weak from fasting.

I hit the 40lbs loss mark today. Wow, unbelievable.

It’s strange that this journey is still going, even after the fast.

249 (-2)