Nov 12

Gov is Pro “Net Neutrality”. Doesn’t That Alone Make You Suspicious?

Net Neutrality

If the government is actively promoting Net Neutrality legislation, doesn’t that fact alone make you highly suspicious?

“The image of government being full of people on a mission to protect the little guy from predatory corporate behemoths is an illusion fostered by politicians and corporate interests alike.”

I just read this great post on Net Neutrality.  I suggests everybody read it in the face of every growing freedom constraints by our leaders.

If the telecoms are forced to compete in a truly free market, Comcast and Time Warner won’t exist 10 years from now.


Sep 23

Some Interesting Comments About Obamacare

obamacareHere is a short list of humorous, serious and otherwise poignant comments I’ve seen recently about the upcoming Obama-care mandate.

  • Who most disapproves of Obamacare? Those on government insurance plans —
  • If you have to try this hard to get people to like it….There’s probably something fundamentally wrong with it.
  • Mr. President if Obama Care is so great why are you exempt from it?
  • Amazing how this many years later Obama is still spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to convince people its a good plan. Perhaps give everyone who signs up as a payer a chevy volt.
  • If both party’s are calling this a train wreck, then why are we getting this shoved down our throats?
  • It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication
    somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government
    bureaucracy to administer it.

At the time of this writing (Sept 2013), nation-wide approval for the new Obamacare mandate is at around 35% and dropping. Congress, please don’t do this to our country.

Jul 09

My Top Ten: Both Sides Don’t #BothSidesDont

Both Sides Don’t (top ten)

  1. treat “1984” as a user manual.
  2. claim that a job saved is a job created
  3. act like it’s a crime to be rich while being rich themselves
  4. have a clue how to properly educate our children. But they both know how to listen to lobbyists and corporations
  5. deny irrigation rights to farmers who feed the country over a snail.
  6. want to take away your 2nd amendment rights.
  7. say they love America and then try to change everything about it.
  8. think health care is a basic human right.
  9. manipulate historical fact for their own agenda.
  10. continue to ignore the biggest predictable crisis in history with entitlements.


Have More?  Let me know.

Jul 05

The Earth is full – Video Review

Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

Have we used up all our resources? Have we filled up all the livable space on Earth? Paul Gilding suggests we have, and the possibility of devastating consequences, in a talk that’s equal parts terrifying and, oddly, hopeful.

My Comments

Talks like this are really frustrating to me.

As with all of these kinds of environmental talks, the end-game is always the same – government. Show me a solid solution that doesn’t end with handing over our rights and freedoms (in America at least) in exchange for an oppressive totalitarian dictatorship (IE. carbon tax) and I’ll start to take you seriously.

Show me a workable plan for an all-electric, solar powered, national transportation grid and I’ll get on board.  Show me a new farming technique that produces more crops on less land.  Show me a viable business module that changes garbage into energy.  These are actually helpful ideas.  Government calling our future climate an “insurmountable crisis” as an excuse to become overbearingly constrictive (like your Pearl Harbor example) is not a good solution for anybody.

The combination of speculation, lack of real solutions, and suggestion of more government restrictions as the only solution makes me file this talk squarely in the “Propaganda” category.

Watch the video below.