Sep 13

Fined For Parking In Their Own Driveway

Fined for Parking in own drivewaySo the city of Pittsburgh just now decided to start enforcing a law that was created in the 50s.

Rather than vote to eliminate the stupid law because it was outdated (oh and unconstitutional), they decided to start issuing $2400 tickets to residents.

“We’re no longer allowed to use our driveway to park, because of a law that says you have to park at least 30 feet away from the street,” said Freedman.

I love some of the comments on this one:

  • Someone should run for city office on the “End Stupid Laws” platform
  • “We’re from the gumment and we’re here to help you.” Obamacare anyone?
  • broken windows send a clear message to kingdom building city officials. Just sayin.
  • This is what would happen on a national level if we gave our elected officials free reign.
  • This is a direct result of electing Tax and Spend politicians, so congratulate yourself for imposing this on yourself, lmho

Why does it have to be so hard to get stupid people out of public office? Somebody PLEASE run on the “End Stupid Laws” platform. I’ll personally campaign for you.

Source: Some City Residents Being Fined For Parking In Their Own Driveway « CBS Pittsburgh.